Street Photography, Presentation

Street photography is a type of photography that features subjects in candid situations within a public settings or might be absent of people and can just be of an object or environment. These type of photographs display unmanipulated scenes of society, which usually involve unaware and or untouched subjects. The photographer can be seen as an observer of the streets because they usually leave the scene as it is. Framing and timing is really important for street photographers depending on what emotion they want their viewer to feel while looking at their images.

Richard Sandler is a famous street photographer born in New York City in 1946. He photographs mundane situations in black and white with a lot of contrast and he usually makes subtle or obvious suggestions about social injustice in his photographs. Richard Sandler said “I quickly learned to see as the camera sees, and not as the human eyes see”. I think this really describes street photography because these photos aren’t always planned and they usually come out looking very unique and are focused on certain subjects or objects rather than the whole picture.

One of Richard Sandlers favourite things to photograph is dogs. From the day he started photography he was constantly photographing dogs. Dogs reflect people and provide a comic relief for him. His other photos without dogs are more serious and truth telling where as his dog pictures are more about humour. The dogs aren’t always the main focus in his photos but they do stand out.

Jamey Hoag is a recent street photographer. His photos are very unique with a lot of colours, different angles and different lightning. His photos usually have a white border. His photos are much more different than Richards Sandlers. Jameys photos lack people and are mainly focused on architecture. Jamey is good at noticing the humorous side to normal things and finding things that might be a little off in mundane situations.

I think street photography is really interesting. It is really fascinating how a photographer can take a photo of an average scene and turn it into something really beautiful. Jamey Hoag is one of my favourite street photographers of today, his photos are of normal objects or scenes but he knows how to make them look interesting.


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